February 2 – March 9, 2019

Backspace presents Land of Milk and Honey, a group show featuring work by Los Angeles artists Charley Alexander, Roy Dowell, Anabel Juarez, Katie Kirk, Bryan Ricci, Abby Sin, Chris Trueman, and Jennifer Wolf.

The sun beats down harshly on the mountains surrounding the basin, which meets the desert. The landscape turns into concrete and back into sand, and finally to the sea. If that’s not utopian enough, every other city block reveals a different culture and lifestyle. Land of Milk and Honey reflects the colorful, vibrant, diverse landscape of our city, primarily through abstract, vivid work, whether that be through the use of keyed-up, saturated palettes, or peaceful, muted hues that convey harmony through color, texture and material. Land of Milk and Honey signals a new paradigm: a revival of California abstraction, light and space.

Backspace is a collaborative exhibitions program and site in Downtown Los Angeles promoting emerging artists through Artist and Curator-driven events and exhibitions.